Who we are

Bodegas Sierra is a family winery located in the heart of the Arlanza denomination of origin, in Villalmanzo. Our family has been dedicated to the world of winemaking since the 1960s. In those years, grandfather Agapito started as a grape and wine merchant in the area.

It is then when he began to develop the illusion of creating a cooperative winery with the farmers of the region, given the high quality of the fruit obtained here and the large number of wine growers. He had to change the idea and build a winery. It was hard work, but it was worth it. After a few years, the second of his sons, José Luis, continued the saga.

He changed the initial concept and we went from specializing in bulk to carrying out the entire process from grape harvesting to the commercialization of our wines, whose priority is quality. Clean, bright and elegant wines.



Invicta Electric, the first 100% Spanish brand of electric mobility with vocation of manufacturer, specialized in the distribution and import of the best electric mobility products worldwide, we cover the entire market, from scooters, bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, cars and commercial vehicles. All of them with the Invicta Electric brand and warranty.

With up to 5 years warranty and 70 technical assistance points, the most complete range on the market at unbeatable prices.
The “yosoyverde” revolution has arrived in our country.


Animalia Lerma is a business designed by and for animals, created in 2011. We offer a personal, fast and close treatment.

We have:

Veterinary clinic (medical and surgical treatment, biochemical analysis, microscopy, trichinoscopy, dental cleaning, etc.). ).

Pet hairdresser (All kinds of haircuts, bathing, sanitation, dermatological treatments).
Pet supplies store.
Store of articles for training, canicross and transport of animals.
Livestock veterinary advisory service.
Trichinoscopic analysis of slaughter and game meat.

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Tasting a Palacio de Lerma wine is to savor culture, nature and art. It is to feel the affection of its elaboration.

Starting with a follow-up in the vineyard, we collect the fruit in boxes and bunch by bunch we select them on the sorting table.

We destem at low speed and carefully transport the grapes to the tanks.

We macerate the must and skins in our exclusive “pipeage” tank. Without stirring and fermenting with constant temperature control.

We rack the wine by peristaltic pumping, without oxidation, without knocking and gently to the aging cellar. There it rests for months in new French and American oak barrels.

We elaborate wines with a lot of extraction of color and aromas, powerful wines that are at the same time balanced and delicate on the palate.

We present a correct and elegant wine. From the bottle, label, cork and capsule to the packaging and distribution we offer quality, design and service.

Get to know us

Bellalux is a company specialized in the development, design, production and installation of LED screens based in Madrid.

All our developments are built with the latest technology equipment Led display, with which we get innovative advertising and communication systems totally exclusive and self-made.

Boost the image of your brand or business with a customized LED display.

Rental and sale of supplementary telescopic bleachers + Hospitality

Our innovative OPENCLICK® Grandstand system offers a unique and comfortable experience to attendees at sporting and cultural events.

Fully customizable, in addition to an ultra-fast assembly, they can be transported anywhere in the world, offering various configurations that open up infinite possibilities capable of adapting to all types of surfaces, spaces and weather conditions.


The company was created in 1946 by Mr. Fernando Angulo García and Mrs. Mercedes Antón García, 70 years ago. The first location was in the Angulo family’s own house located on Larga Street in the ducal town of Lerma. Initially it was a totally handcrafted industry in which two married couples and three employees worked. In 1964 the company and the family moved to what was to be its definite location on the outskirts of the town of Lerma, on the road to Palencia.

In those years the company incorporated machinery and personnel to move from a totally handmade production to a semi-industrial one. Overcoming the difficulties typical of family businesses, the industry has been growing and adapting to market circumstances. In November 1984, the company was incorporated as a public limited company under the name of Galletas Angulo S.A.

The vineyards of Arlese Winery

They are distributed in different municipalities, which allows exploiting the qualities of each terroir and the differences that each variety manifests.
This diversity favors and enables Bodegas Arlese to create wines that display the potential and characteristics of each subzone.

Pintores Élite

Painters in Burgos professionals for the application of paint and coatings. We paint apartments, premises, communities, new construction etc… We carry out works of high decoration, smooth, lacquered, patinas….

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Asociación de criadores de perro de pastor alemán, oficialmente reconocida por el Estado español, y miembro de la Unión Mundial del Clubes del perro de pastor alemán (WUSV).